We design, manufacture, and install production equipment and electrical controls for systems used in pharmaceutical production and other domains. Our full range of support services boost quality, safety, and productivity in ways that meet customer needs, whether in setting up additional production lines or designing and building new production systems.
We provide inspection and maintenance services for equipment of all kinds, including mechanical, electrical, and control systems. Routine support and preventative maintenance helps keep systems safe and in optimal working condition.
We provide thorough quality control and quality assurance. We also provide GMP-compliant design, installation, and adjustment to meet customer validation and calibration needs.
We provide design and installation services for electrical work and controlled operation systems for specialized cleanroom air conditioning systems and other facilities.
We provide comprehensive support based on engineering expertise in many domains to meet customer needs, ranging from design and development to the installation of new production systems.

Suzu Tech Co., Ltd.

105-1 Showamachi, Shirakawa, Fukushima 961-0971 Japan

■Kawagoe Office
Kowa Bldg.II, 1F
2-1-11 Minamidai, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-1165 Japan

Ordinary Construction (electrical, machine and equipment installation)
License No. 26-27150, Fukushima Governor’s Office